Look What You Pulled Out of Me

As most artists, my art emanates from the day to day moments of life, beginning with my childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood.

Formally, my education and training at Pratt and NYU at a Masters level provided the foundation for the creation of my work, but it was the relentless creative inquiry that has driven my career. My paintings emerge from my sometimes merciless experiences, that are not just personal to me but I believe, have universal relevance and appeal. This is the process of the creation of art. The more I delve into painting, the deeper the memories of childhood appear, flowing into each work, and by my interpretation of the world.

I hope to inspire audiences, to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect on their own lives. By sharing my perspective I know that I am not alone. If my art is able to convey a message, then I feel gratified, as I tackle the gnawing questions of life that intrigue me to this day.